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'Confusion' and 'frustration' about Welsh politics

More than 800 people were asked how they felt about politics in Wales Credit: Rui Vieira/PA Wire/PA Images

The largest ever in-depth survey of how people across Wales really feel about politics has been launched.

807 people across every local authority took part in the Electoral Reform Society's (ERS) Welsh survey.

The research has found that 'confusion' and 'frustration' were two of the themes from the project, with most participants raising concerns about the level of information available about what happens in Welsh politics.

  • 89% have very high confidence in the 'nuts and bolts' of democracy in Wales
  • 38% are not confident they 'can really change the way things are run'

"What this survey shows is a real sense of frustration, not just at politicians but at politics in Wales more generally. And what this seems to stem from is a total communication breakdown when it comes to our institutions in Wales.

"The public want politicians and our institutions to communicate much more effectively. The message we heard loud and clear is that voters outside 'the bubble' feel left out in the cold.

"While Cardiff Bay is a centre of political engagement, you go half a mile down the road and there's a total feeling of alienation. Devolution was meant to bring politics closer to everyone - but there's a risk without urgent action it becomes stagnated and confined to just a small part of the capital

– Jess Blair, Director of ERS Cymru

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