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Meet the 'vloggers' turning their passions into profits

People all over the world are turning their passions into profit. Credit: ITV News

There have always been people who have turned their hobbies into work - but thanks to the internet, there are more opportunities to do so now than ever before.

From beer to embroidery and makeup to mechanics, video bloggers - or 'vloggers' - are broadcasting their knowledge to millions of eager consumers all over the world.

Simon Martin is a carpenter by trade, but in his free time he is a beer vlogger who films videos from his kitchen and posts them online.

Millions of people care what he has to say about ale - so much so that he's planning to do it full-time.

I was on YouTube with a beer in my hand - and the penny dropped. A lightbulb moment... I thought, 'let's have a go at it'.

It's hit 4.3 million views. It's kind of snowballing all the time.

– Simon Martin, beer vlogger
Simon Martin is hoping to give up carpentry to become a full-time vlogger. Credit: ITV News

Former council worker Nicola James used online videos to learn how to embroider - and ended up making a whole new career for herself.

She bought a sewing machine with no idea how to use it and spent weeks teaching herself the skill by watching YouTube tutorials.

She now has her own business in Cardiff.

My husband thought I was mad because of the expense. I didn't know how to use [an embroidery machine] - didn't have a clue what I was doing. I spent weeks watching video after video. For me, that's the easiest and quickest way to learn.

– Nicola James, business owner
Nicola James taught herself to embroider by watching YouTube videos. Credit: ITV News

Experts say Simon and Nicola's stories could become more commonplace.

What we would have thought about 10-20 years ago as being hobbies or lifestyles, or even entertainment consumption, they're actually going to be ways of making a living going forward. And for a six or seven-year-old these days, it must be such an exciting idea that the things you love - your passions - you'll be able to find employment from.

– Mark John, technology expert

Since its launch 12 years ago, YouTube has become the third most visited website on the internet, with millions of videos uploaded every day.

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