Tips to reduce pet distress from New Year's Eve fireworks

Celebrations to bring in the new year are drawing closer but the Dogs Trust is warning of the distress fireworks can cause animals.

The charity has set out tips to help reduce fear or anxiety animals may feel this New Year’s Eve.

  • Walk your dog before dark

  • Make sure your house and garden are secure

  • Reduce the impact of noises and flashes (e.g. by playing other music, closing curtains and having the dog in the middle part of the house)

  • Stay calm yourself and don’t tell your dog off or force him outside

  • Build a den or ensure your dog has a quiet place to retreat to

  • If your dog comes to you for reassurance, give them a fuss. In the past advice has sometimes been to ignore dogs and not give them a fuss if they are scared – but if you suddenly withdraw reassurance when they are terrified by noises it is likely to cause them to be very distressed.

The Dogs Trust have these tips to help your pet cope with fireworks Credit: Dogs Trust

Dogs Trust Director of Canine Behaviour and Research, Dr Rachel Casey said: