'Suicidal' man with anorexia told he can no longer receive disability benefits

Credit: Media Wales

A 'suicidal' man with anorexia and arthritis has been told he can no longer receive disability benefits.

Stuart Price, from Llanelli, south Wales, has received the benefits for decades.

He says he is unable to eat solid food because to his condition.

Stuart obtained a written letter from his doctor confirming his medical history, which mentioned his dependence on a walking aid to move around the house.

The doctor specified that Stuart’s condition has “continued to deteriorate” since the 1990s; following a vehicle collision in 1977, he has been unable to taste food - though his anorexia has worsened his situation.

Stuart appealed the decision, but last November he was told that that he did not qualify for an award of the mobility part of the personal independence payment (PIP).

The DWP said this was because he could stand and move between 50 and 200 metres unaided - something Stuart refutes due to being in "constant agony".