WW1 history project helps mum find lost family members 100 years on

Two sides of a family from Newport have been reunited thanks to a history project.

The Steel Remembered scheme wanted information about the men who worked at a local steelworks.

For one woman, it led to a remarkable discovery!

Catherine Herridge wanted to find out about her great-grandfather, Jonathan Head.

He was 31 when he died. My grandmother was a tiny baby, and she never.... she doesn't remember him. She saw him once apparently. All she knew was he was named at the memorial in Thiepval.

Since having my own family, I want my children to know their history and where they came from.

– Catherine Herridge

Catherine read about a project - called Steel Remembered.

It focused Newport steelworkers, like her great-grandfather and his brother, who took part in the war.

Jonathan Head

Catherine learnt that a branch of the family still lived nearby.

She broke to news to her son.

He's 13 but he knows he wants to join the army. It was his way in making friends within the cadets.

And then we discovered through this Steel Remembered, that one of the other cadets was actually related to him!

They're cousins! I just think it's amazing!

– Ieuan Herridge

The project's helped Catherine learn more about a tragic part of her past.

But happily, it's helped her find family she didn't know existed.

Watch their story below: