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Wenvoe nurse struck off for groping women on his rounds

Credit: South Wales Police

A nurse has been struck off for groping women on his rounds.

Andrew Lauder, from Wenvoe, south Wales, has been branded a "serial groper".

The 55-year-old was jailed for two years and nine months in September 2017after being found guilty of sexually assaulting four women and making "lewd and crude comments" to them.

The panel has seen no evidence of remediation or insight.

Further, the panel noted that Mr Lauder continues to deny his guilt as he states 'whilst I have no option but to accept the outcome of the case of the guilty verdict passed I maintain my innocence of the charges'.

In these circumstances, the panel concluded that there is a risk that Mr Lauder may repeat such behaviour.

– Deborah Jones, A Nurses and Midwifery Council panel chairwoman

He just simply cannot keep his hands to himself. He cannot resist groping other women.

One of his victims was in an office and Lauder smacked her bottom.

Another time he told her she had nice breasts and stuck his hands down her top and fondled her breasts.

On one occasion he grabbed her hair and pushed her head down towards his groin.

On another occasion they were in a small room - he turned the lights off and grabbed her and bent her over in front of him.

It is crude behaviour and not acceptable in this day and age.

– Prosecutor Nicholas Gareth Jones