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Pre-packaged food a ‘Godsend’ for some disabled people

Mandy Clarke believes pre-packaged food is a ‘Godsend’ for some disabled people. Credit: ITV News

The Government is looking to cut down the use of plastic. It has announced plans for plastic-free supermarket aisles and an extension of the plastic bag levy to smaller retailers.

Some supermarkets have removed pre-prepared vegetables from their shelves following complaints about the overuse of plastic.

But while supermarkets are working out how to create less waste, some disabled people are worried that without plastic, the pre-prepared foods they rely on might not be available.

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Last week, supermarket chain Iceland became the first to pledge to become plastic free.

Credit: ITV News

The move towards a more sustainable society doesn't mean we have to compromise on choice or quality - we can have both.

There are many alternatives already out there which offer an alternative to disposable plastic.

So it's calling on retailers to really take the lead on this.

– Amy Lloyd, Keep Wales Tidy