Leak inquiry clears First Minister

Carwyn Jones still faces two further inquiries Credit: Senedd TV

An inquiry into whether the sacking of Carl Sargeant was leaked ahead of a cabinet reshuffle has found no evidence that the First Minister's decision to dismiss the Alyn and Deeside AM from the Welsh Government was disclosed prematurely.

There had been speculation in the weeks and months before the reshuffle that Carl Sargent was likely to be sacked to make room for a new cabinet appointment. But on the day he was sacked Mr Sargeant was told told that he faced allegations of improper conduct, which he strenuously denied. He apparently took his own life just days later.

The Permanent Secretary's spokesperson also said today that a second inquiry, into whether the First Minister broke the ministerial code is now well underway. An independent adviser, James Hamilton, has been brought in to investigate whether Carwyn Jones misled the Assembly when he denied that there had been any bullying by his special advisers.

After Carl Sargent's death, it was claimed by the former minister Leighton Andrews and the former special adviser Steve Jones that bullying had gone on and that Mr Sargeant was one of the victims.

A third inquiry was launched this week, when the Sargeant family agreed to the appointment of Paul Bowen QC, who'll lead an inquiry into how the allegations against Carl Sargeant were handled. An inquest has also been opened into the late minister's death.