This father and daughter team are opening a coffee shop in Cardiff to help homeless people

Chloe Smith at the Bigmoose Coffee Co building near Queen St

A father and daughter duo from Cardiff are helping to tackle homelessness by opening a cafe for people to work in.

The Bigmoose Coffee Co team, based just off Queen Street, plan to start by recruiting one person but eventually hope to expand that.

It will be a coffee shop that as people walk in will just look like a coffee shop. But the idea behind it is to support homeless people, by helping them get back into work and back into society.

– Chloe Smith, bigmoose Coffee Co
Jeff and Chloe Smith will run the coffee shop along with a team of staff

Chloe Smith and her father Jeff already work together fundraising under the Bigmoose brand, and now want to channel their efforts into the new business.

They want to match the success of the St Barnabas project in London, which helps homeless people gain new skills and employment at a bar and members club.

It gives them the opportunity to see a world of work.

It gives them the opportunity to experience a world of work, but it also gives them an opportunity to understand that they have a future and they have potential.

What helps them is when they're treated as equals, because they are equals, they are you and me. They are every single one of us.

– Frances Beecher, Llamau

The team plan to open the Bigmoose Coffee Co on March 1.

They hope though to make a difference that'll last a lot longer.

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