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Warning that 112,000 Welsh jobs are at risk to robots

Credit: PA

The rise of the robot could put over 110,000 jobs in Welsh cities at risk according to a new report.

The research by the think tank Centre for Cities found the roles most likely to be replaced by technology in the next twelve years will be in retail, customer service and warehouses.

It warns struggling UK cities in the North and Midlands were more exposed to job losses than wealthier cities in the South, which could widen the North South divide.

Warehouse work is likely to become much more automated in the future Credit: PA

Automation and globalisation will bring huge opportunities to increase prosperity and jobs, but there is also a real risk that many people and places will lose out.

– Andrew Carter, chief executive of Centre for Cities

The report said the changes would lead to jobs being created as well as lost, but in some cities they would largely be in low-skilled occupations.

In Wales 1 in 4 existing jobs in cities are likely to be hit by 2030 putting around 112,000 at risk in total.

There is some optimistic news that 8% of current jobs in our cities are in occupations predicted to grow in future.