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First case of deadly dog disease reported in the Rhondda

A biopsy confirmed Alabama Rot Credit: Media Wales

The first case of a deadly disease effecting dogs has been recorded in the south Wales valleys.

A Jack Russell named Bilbo from Penrhiwfer in the Rhondda contracted the flesh-eating disease Alabama Rot and sadly died last week.

Bilbo's owner Rachel noticed a cut on his paw which developed into what they describe as 'chemical burns.' She took pictures of Bilbo's injuries before he died so she could warn others.

The sore on Bilbo's paw was the first sign of the disease Credit: Media Wales

After Bilbo died a biopsy revealed on Monday that he had died of Alabama Rot.

The first sign of Alabama Rot is usually a sore on the skin which then leads to lethargy and eventually to kidney failure. Vets believe the disease can be found in wooded areas and in muddy water.

It is the first case of the disease in the valleys. Last year a number of cases were reported in Monmouthshire.

Alabama Rot is a rare disease and we advise people not to panic, but to try and spread awareness.

We don’t know what causes it, which is what makes treatment so difficult. Affected animals usually have a history of walking in muddy woodland, followed by ulcerations on their legs or muzzle.

The best prevention we know of so far is avoiding wooded areas where confirmed cases have been seen and washing/rinsing mud off dogs after walking in any area like this.

– Andrew O'Donnell, Treforest and Tonypandy Veterinary Clinics