Number of rough sleepers rises in Wales

Credit: PA

The number of homeless people on the streets of Wales has risen, according to Welsh Government figures.

The Welsh Government conducted an overnight count from November 2017 and found 188 people sleeping rough, nearly 50 more than the previous year.

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The Welsh Government figures show that Cardiff had the most rough sleepers at 53.

In another two week estimate, the figures showed a ten per-cent rise on the previous year with 345 people found to be sleeping rough. That was between October, 16 and October, 29 2016.

The overnight count saw a 33% rise.

Local authorities reported 233 emergency bed spaces across Wales, of which 42 were unoccupied and available on the night of the snap shot count (9th November 2017).

For 10 local authorities who reported rough sleepers on the night of the count, there were no unoccupied and available emergency bed spaces.

The Welsh Government is investing £2million to tackle the issue of homelessness and says it has a long established objective to end the need for anyone to sleep rough by ensuring appropriate and accessible accommodation is available.