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The Royal Welsh have a new recruit and it's a Kashmir goat from the Great Orme

Lance Corporal Shenkin III Credit: Crown Copyright

The 3rd Battalion The Royal Welsh have a new recruit joining their ranks but this fresh faced fusilier isn't your typical soldier.

The newest addition hails from the Great Orme and is in fact a Kashmir goat.

Fusilier Shenkin IV will soon take on the duties of the Regimental Goat, the world famous mascot of the battalion. He replaces the former Shenkin III who died in September last year.

The tradition dates back to 1884 when Queen Victoria formally presented the regiment with a goat from her own herd. The Regimental Goat has been chosen from the Royal Herd ever since.

Lieutenant Colonel Ged Murphy said:

Shenkin is exceptionally important to the soldiers of the Royal Welsh. He is stoic and dignified and captures the essence of the warrior spirit. We are very proud that the people of Wales identify with him as their regimental goat.

– Lieutenant Colonel Ged Murphy
The former Shenkin performing his duties Credit: Crown Copyright

The newest addition will learn to march in front of the Regimental Band, interact with the public, as well as stand patiently while on parade. He is most famous for his appearances before Wales matches during the Six Nations.

It is hoped that Shenkin IV's first official duty will see him at the head of the Army contingent on National Armed Forces Day in Llandudno, which takes place on June 30.