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Welsh students to get extra funding to help with living costs

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Welsh students applying for university can apply for extra funding to help with living costs, the Welsh Government has announced.

The new student finance package is designed to give more help by providing the equivalent to the National Living Wage through a mix of non-repayable grants and loans.

The Welsh Government said Wales will be the first country in Europe to provide equivalent living costs support - in grants and loans - to full-time and part-time undergraduates, as well as postgraduates.

Every eligible student can claim a minimum grant of £1,000 they will not have to pay back, regardless of their household income.

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Grants will be means-tested and students from homes with lower household income will receive the highest grant - up to £10,124 in London and £8,100 in the rest of the UK.

The Welsh Government said it was likely that around a third of full-time students will be eligible for the full grant.

The average household income for a dependent student
Average a student will receive in grants they will not need to pay back

The Education Secretary in Wales said university "should be an option for everyone, no matter your background or income".

Money is clearly a very important factor when deciding when to go to university, and for those who are already studying, money is found to be a major cause for stress.

With this in mind, we have designed a new package of support to alleviate these concerns that both parents and students share.

This will allow students to focus on their studies without having to worry about how they are going to afford their day to day living costs.

The support that Welsh students, studying anywhere in the UK, can apply for is now equivalent to the National Living Wage.

In addition, most students will have no upfront costs to pay as a tuition fee loan can be taken out to cover their course."

– Kirsty Williams, Education Secretary