'You're never too old to learn how to use an iPad' - Veteran Reg, 94, leads the way

How good are you with a computer or smartphone? If you're feeling a bit left out, then you're not alone! Figures claim one in five adults in Wales aren't online.

A new project, led by Digital Communities Wales, is hoping to change that by training 'Digital Volunteers'.

Watch my report below:

Reg Williams, 94, lives in a care home with his wife.

He got his first iPad four years ago, and uses it regularly to browse photos from their long and happy life together.

I've got pictures [on my tablet] of when I was in war. I was a pilot in the RAF in Burma.

My wife and I have been married for 70 years. I've got all the pictures on there of our diamond wedding.

People must have a go because it's too easy to use. And you can do so much with it.

– Reg Williams

Pupils at Ysgol Pencae in Cardiff have been sharing tips with elderly people who live nearby.

They've been coached by Digital Communities Wales to improve their patience, communication and teaching skills.

They get taught how to pass on some of the skills that they have, and the importance of their interaction and their patience, because we all get a little bit frustrated when we help people to do this type of work.

It's about them learning what that person's interested in, and going from there, going from that point.

– Matthew Lloyd, Digital Communities Wales