Stroke survivor says he's had to wait many months to get his driving licence back

A stroke survivor who says he was medically cleared to drive again claims he had to wait months to get his licence back from the DVLA.

Jim Sedgmond suffered a TIA - also known as a mini stroke - back in April 2017.

He says doctors cleared him to drive by the autumn, but claims he's faces unnecessary delays since.

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Mr Sedgmond has now been sent a new licence, but needs to undergo a further driving assessment before he can get back on the road.

Frustration. That's the thing. You sit there and you think "I've done that, I've done this... what's next?".

And you think 'well can I talk to something in authority and say well where am I going wrong? And is there anything I can do to make it easier, or make it quicker? It is frustrating, really frustrating.

– Jim Sedgmond
Jim Sedgmond says he's now in good health

The DVLA says it's "very confident" that Mr Sedgmond's case has been "handled correctly, and adds that it has written to him.

Any claims that we have not acted on repeated calls are incorrect.

We must make sure that only those who are safe to drive are allowed on our roads and must be satisfied that the driver meets the necessary medical standards before we can issue a licence.

– DVLA spokesperson