Details of probe to investigate abuse claim actions released

The terms of reference for a probe looking into Abertawe Bro Morganwwg University Health Board's handling of sex abuse allegations against a former employe have been released.

Healthcare Inspectorate Wales (HIW) will assess whether ABMU's actions around Kris Wade - who later went on to murder Christine James - were appropriate and whether the health board's own internal procedures were robust enough.

Kris Wade was alleged to have sexually assaulted three patients while he worked in the Learning and Disabilities Directorate of ABMU. It was while he was suspended from the health board as it looked into these allegations, that he murdered Christine James.

HIW's review of ABMU's actions will consider whether:

  • ABMU’s internal review was sufficiently thorough.
  • ABMU’s conclusions were appropriate on the basis of the evidence considered.
  • The action that ABMU has taken in light of those conclusions is adequate to ensure patient safety.
  • Additional or different conclusions should be reached on the basis of additional evidence considered during this review.
  • There is any wider additional learning for the NHS in Wales.

HIW will also consider the areas of staff recruitment and employment, incident reporting, adult safeguarding and governance and culture. The review will not consider "the decisions or actions of the Police or Crown Prosecution Service" according to documents released by HIW.

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