First Minister doesn't own a mobile phone

Credit: PA

Carwyn Jones has revealed that he doesn't have a personal mobile phone after he was questioned by the Conservatives about whether he used his government-issued phone when he's dealing with Labour party matters.

According to a Welsh Government spokesperson, Carwyn Jones is allowed to use his official phone to call, text email and tweet on party matters because it's important that the First Minister only ever uses a secure device that's protected against hacking.

The First Minister has a personal Twitter account, which he uses to make party political points Credit: Twitter

Andrew RT Davies has called on Carwyn Jones to refer the matter to the independent adviser who's been appointed to investigate potential breaches of the ministerial code. He described the Welsh Government's response as "shocking".

There's some support from outside the Conservative party for Mr Davies' argument that it's not the cost of the phone calls or texts that's the issue but rather the question of what's allowed under the Ministerial Code. One source within Welsh Labour confirmed that the First Minister has regularly used his phone for calls and texts on Labour Party issues. The source added that it's difficult to see how the use of a government phone is compatible with the Ministerial Code.