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Modest fashion 'set to grow by 50% by 2020' says fashion expert

Modest fashion is a growing trend across the UK.

It tends to cover the majority of the body and has often been attributed with religious or cultural dress.

But the style is becoming more popular with others as well.

The trend has been hitting the runways at London Fashion Week

According to fashion lecturer Steven Wright at University of South Wales, modest fashion is expected to grow by around 50% by 2020.

The modest fashion industry is predicted to grow by 50% in the next two years

Studies are saying its growing exponentially, its set to grow by about fifty percent between now and 2020 meaning billions of pounds.

There's quite a large market here in Wales, I think what we're seeing is a growing number of people who for cultural or religious reasons are wanting to dress in a modest way.

But also for for a growing number of people who just feel like they want to cover up their body or dress a bit more to the weather.

We're set to see a lot more from modest fashion in the coming years.

– Steven Wright, Course Leader, Fashion Design, University of South Wales

According to Forbes, the modest fashion industry is worth around $44bn around the world.

Retailers like Marks and Spencer have recently started compiling a collection of modest clothes online for women that includes long sleeves, high necklines and flowing fabrics.

Higher end fashion houses such as DKNY, Dolce and Gabbana, Oscar de la Renta have also offered up more modest clothing in their lines.

Sports retailer Nike was the first major brand to launch a hijab for women.

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This week modest fashion hit the runways at London Fashion Week and closer to home, students and lecturers in fashion in Wales say it is important that it gets a spotlight.

It's not just for muslims, which people generally think, I think it's for anyone who likes to wear modest clothes whether its for religious reasons or they're not comfortable showing that much skin.

I think its good it's getting a spotlight, it encourages people to show what they're designing because modest designers have been around for a long time but people didn't really know they were there.

To show people you do have the option to wear modern clothes is good.

– Basmah Haies, Fashion Design Student, USW
Modest fashion refers to clothing covering the majority of the body.

Students say it's an industry they'd like to work in in the future.

I personally do like to be more covered, even though the things I make may not actually be like that.

It would be more like me so I would definitely like to be a part of it.

I don't think its just for muslim people or people who wear hijabs, it can be really fashionable.

– Charvee Dandon, Fashion Design Student, USW