Porthcawl's 'Tarmac beach' is being removed after more than 30 years to make way for a more visually pleasing sea defence.

The £3m project is underway to protect the 260 properties on the Esplanade and nearby.

The lower promenade has been closed as work begins to partially demolish the 'tarmac beach' and replace it with a new structure after responses from a public consultation.

The Welsh Government has put £2.2m towards the scheme and Bridgend council will pay the rest.


Overall cost of the project

Residents and visitors are able to put questions forward in an information session in the Grand Pavilion.

Richard Young, Cabinet Member for Communities at Bridgend County Council says the coastal defences going in will have a slope that will come down from the sea defences which will be sandy coloured.

There will be some 'rock armour' to make sure that the coast is protected. This is a far more modern, improved environment, it's going to be far more aesthetically pleasing and it's going to strengthen the sea defences to an extent that they've never been strengthened before, the investment that's going on is going to benefit the whole town of Porthcawl. It's a 12 month project, there will be some disruption, we will try to mitigate that disruption but I think the people of Porthcawl appreciate the value of what we're doing. If we didn't do the work the sea would take over, the existing promenade would be in danger.

Richard Young, Cabinet Member for Communities, Bridgend County Council

Watch the report from Mike Griffiths below: