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Cora Bishop - the six-year-old with Down's Syndrome taking the fashion world by storm

Cora is one of the faces of a new campaign by River Island. Credit: River Island

A little girl with Down's Syndrome has just landed her first modelling contract for a leading clothes store - and she's already taking the fashion world by storm.

Six-year-old Cora Bishop from Wrexham features alongside other youngsters with different ethnicities and abilities in River Island's #LABELSAREFORCLOTHES campaign.

The advert is aimed at changing perceptions about children with disabilities, and celebrate people from diverse backgrounds.

For Cora and her parents, it's an opportunity they never thought they would get the chance to have.

Sheryl, from Gwersyllt, Wrexham, said: “Cora absolutely loves modelling. We had no idea if Cora would get the job or not but when we found out she had got it, we were over the moon. I was so proud that Cora had impressed them in such a short time. We want her to have as many opportunities and experiences as she can and help send a positive message”.

Credit: ITV Cymru Wales

Since the advert launched, Cora and her family have been overwhelmed with positive reactions.

The family spoke to ITV's This Morning programme earlier where Sheryl said the last week had been a whirlwind.

The new campaign aims to change perceptions about children with disabilities Credit: River Island

Despite having several tests during her pregnancy, it was only when Cora was born when they confirmed she had Down's Syndrome.

Since then, the little six-year-old has surprised her parents with just how much she's been able to achieve.

Father Daniel said: "We were always worried like what she could achieve and how she'd get on. She's always going passed milestones that we thought maybe she wouldn't get through. So she's made us feel a bit silly for ever doubting her".