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Part-time nursery places in Wales cost more than £6000 a year

The average price for a part-time nursery place for a child under two comes up to £116 per week in Wales, which is over £6000 per year, more than double what Welsh families spend on groceries in a year.

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That's according to a survey by the Family and Childcare Trust. Most parents are entitled to Government support to help with childcare costs and some parents will be paying less if they're working after the introduction of tax-free childcare

But the trust says a lack of clarity means parents could be missing out on help they need.

The survey also revealed significant childcare shortages in Wales with only half of local areas having enough childcare for working parents.

Childcare is a smart investment - it suports parents to work, boosts children's outcomes and provides employers with a reliable workforce. Too many parents remain locked out of work by high childcare costs and low availability.

We are calling on the UK Government to streamline the current hotchpotch of childcare schemes into a simple and responsive system.

– Ellen Broome, Chief Executive, Family and Childcare Trust

The Welsh Government says they are rolling out a free childcare offer, designed to help three and four year olds.

Our investment in Flying Start, which benefitted 37,600 children 2016/17 includes up to 12.5 hours of free children for eligible 2-3 year olds and is supporting some of the most deprived communities across Wales.

Along with Tax Free Childcare this represents a significant level of support for working parents with the cost of childcare.

We are working with the sector and local authorities to increase capacity, with investment in new and existing childcare provision.

– Welsh Government Spokesperson