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90mph gusts cause 'severe damage' to Holyhead marina

90mph gusts damaged, sunk or forced aground 80 small craft. Credit: Ian Lang/ITV Cymru Wales

Coastguards are urging people to avoid Holyhead marina in Anglesey after 90mph gusts damaged, sunk or forced aground 80 small craft.

The marina pontoons have suffered severe damage and experts are checking for any pollution.

All the yachts in the marina that were involved in winter racing have been reported sunk. Even the town’s main lifeboat has been moved from her berth due to the extreme weather

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Very sadly, much of the marina has sustained severe damage overnight and during today, and so, for now, our lifeboat will remain at her current berthing until something more permanent can be arranged. Our thoughts go out to all our marina neighbours who have been affected by this terrible storm.

We would like to stress to the public that conditions remain extremely dangerous, and although we can understand the curiosity people feel and the desire for some to experience extreme weather, we urge people to keep a safe distance from all coastlines, and to avoid the Holyhead marina/promenade area completely if at all possible. The sea is far more powerful than you think and your chances of survival are slim if you are dragged into the swell. Our volunteer lifeboat crews will always launch to rescue those in danger at sea, but to launch into conditions like these could also put their lives at risk.

– Holyhead RNLI Spokesperson

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