Cardiff City boss Neil Warnock: Promotion 'would be a miracle'

After 51 years in the game as player and manager there aren’t many things the surprise Neil Warnock.

Neil Warnock is looking for his eighth career promotion as a manager. Credit: PA

Yet 16 months after taking a job he has long craved he is on the verge of achieving a promotion even he thought improbable.

“[it] is nothing short of a miracle”.

But magic was exactly what Cardiff owner Vincent Tan hoped Warnock would work when he signed him in October 2016.

Having seen the club through a litany of managerial comings and goings the Malaysian billionaire was seemingly unable to find the perfect pairing of club and boss.

That was until the Warnock put pen to paper.

And there began the story of Cardiff City’s rapid regeneration.

In 2010, Vincent Tan Tan became the owner of Cardiff City after a consortium bought 30% of the club's shares. Credit: PA

I think Vincent realises that I know what I’m doing and Vincent’s a successful businessman.

And When you’re a successful businessman you don’t make many wrong decisions.

If he supports me like I’ve asked him to, which he has done, and we carry on like this I think that’s all we can asked.

He wants the best for the football club. He loves this football club. I know there’s been thing sin the past few years but it’s only because he wants to do well for the club, I can’t fault that really.

He still tells me off!

He still tells me when we don’t have enough shots and things like that vincent, but I think that’s good me.

I tell him how it is. Vincent know I’m my own man and if the time came when Vincent didn’t want me here then I would be here.

We have got a trusting relationship. He lets me get on. I speak to him every week.

– Neil Warnock, Cardiff City Manager

Well those chats are particularly easy right now because after 34 games Cardiff find themselves chasing automatic promotion, just six points off leaders Wolves.

Ask any bookie, fan or pundit for that matter at the start of the season and Cardiff would be unlikely to have featured in anyone’s list of promotion chasers.

But that is exactly where they find themselves with 12 games remaining.

But the thought of returning to the top flight is still not on the agenda at their Hensol training base according to Warnock.

No not at all.

We still need a few points to make sure we’re in the Playoffs so one thing at a time really.

We weren’t supposed to be here so I think we’ve got to treat it like that. We’ve got to enjoy it.

When you look at the Wolves, Villas, Derbys, Fulhams, they should be there. They should be going up when you look at the wage bills etc so the pressure is on them really. “

We’ve just got to enjoy it.

– Neil Warnock, Cardiff City Manager

And that is about as refreshing an attitude as you could get in a sport that bears heavy the burden of financial pressure all too often.

It’s part down to age, part due to having watched his wife battle serious illness, that the 69 year old’s perspective has been shifted to the more important things in life.

I don’t look beyond next month let alone next season or next year because at my age you don’t know!

My priorities are slightly different now and I’m enjoying it more. I still want to win I still want to get my eight promotion.

I’m a very, very competitive person when the whistle goes, I know that, and that’s not going to change

– Neil Warnock, Cardiff City Manager

By his own admission he doesn’t have long left in the game. So to leave it with a record eighth promotion would be as good a retirement present as he could hope to get.