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1500 homes still without water in Wales

Bottled water was handed out to residents in Trebanog on Monday

Fifteen hundred homes are still without water in Wales after supplies were affected following bad weather and snow.

Welsh Water say it is due to extra demand and frozen pipes. A spokesperson said teams have been working 'around the clock' and have reduced the number from 6,000.

It confirmed supplies have been restored to Clydach Vale and Abertillery but customers may still see discoloured water as supplies return.

It is also asking customers not to leave taps running in order to 'refill the network quicker'.

On Monday, residents in Porth told ITV News they were unable to buy bottled in the town due to the number of homes without water.

We have made good progress overnight to address the problems across our network after the impact of the extreme weather – and the number of customers affected has been reduced to 1,500. Areas still affected include a small number of communities in parts of West Wales and North Wales but the network is now being stabilised and the majority of customers have not been affected.

Supplies to these affected communities will be restored during the day but we have bottled water stations set up in these areas and have contacted customers to keep them updated– and while also prioritising support for our most vulnerable customers throughout.

We are still seeing an unprecedented level of demand for water with the level of bursts and leaks reported across our network – three times the normal amount at around 200 leaks a day. We are still putting in more treated water into our network than at the peak period during last summer.

Our staff are working around the clock to fix all reported problems. We would like to thank customers again for their patience over the last few days and sincerely apologise for the disruption they have suffered.

– Welsh Water spokesperson

Water supplies should gradually return overnight but supplies will not be full restored until the following times:

- Anglesey (Llanddona) by Tuesday morning

- Blaenau Ffestiniog by early afternoon Tuesday

- Synod Inn, Llandysul, Synod Inn, Llandysul, Ffostrasol, Talgarreg in Ceredigion and Pencader in Carmarthenshire - by early afternoon Tuesday

- St David’s / Solva – by early afternoon Tuesday

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