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More LGBT couples urged to adopt or foster children

More LGBT couples are being urged to adopt and foster children in Wales.

Credit: PA
1 in 8
Adoptions in Wales were with same-sex couples in 2016-2017.

There are 140 children who are currently waiting for an adoptive family but only one in eight adoptions in Wales were with same-sex couples since being allowed in 2005.

Adopting or fostering a child can be an incredibly rewarding experience.

The responsibility for raising a child is considerable, but the reward of seeing a child grow up and achieve their true potential is such an incredible experience.

It is an exciting time to become a foster carer in Wales.

Implementation of the National Fostering Framework will ensure that all foster carers in Wales are properly supported and rewarded to provide the best possible care for the children and young people in their care.

So if you are willing and able to give your time, commitment and dedication to giving vulnerable children the best start in life, please consider adoption or fostering.

– Huw Irranca-Davies AM, Minister for Children and Social Care