Now at 93 most people would be well into retirement but that's not the case for one old age pensioner in Blaenavon.

In fact Phyllis Roberts, who is 93, is still serving her community and even holds the accolade of Britain's oldest Mayor!

Phyllis first joined the council 47 years ago - in 1971 and was re-elected for a second time last year.

She says she is 'proud' to still be taking part in public life.

As part of International Women's Day, ITV Wales spoke to Phyllis about how this tenure, as the Mayoress of Blaenavon, differs from her last.

Back then the men worked in the mines, they needed looking after when they came home, they didn't want a woman who was going out to work and them coming home to no food. They needed somebody to be looking after them after they'd been working underground. Now, more women have come into public life because when I came into it first of all, there was only one person, one female councillor and she was the headmistress of the local school, so I was the first woman apart from her to take part in it.

Phyllis Roberts

Phyllis's interest in public life started at a very young age and she was made Treasurer to the Young People's Guild at the age of 10.

Now 83 years on from her first role in public life she is as passionate as ever and insists that age is just a number.

Phyllis will be celebrating her 94th birthday in April.