Royal Welsh unit finally catch their regimental goat

The Royal Welsh has finally selected its regimental goat after weeks of trying to track him down.

The goat, Fusilier Shenkin IV, has now officially begun his training with the 3rd Battalion after evading capture for so long.

Soldiers travelled to the Great Orme in Llandudno from their HQ in Cardiff to select the new Regimental Goat - a tradition which has been two centuries in the making.

But not all went according to plan. The section of the Great Orme where Shenkin was grazing was set amongst dense shrubland situated on steep slopes, which made for favourable conditions for goats.

Goat Major Sergeant Mark Jackson said Shenkin IV has now begun an immediate six-months training schedule back at Maindy Barracks in Cardiff.

Shenkin evaded capture for weeks. Credit: Corporal Dek Traylor, Crown Copyright

Shenkin is most famous for his appearances in the Principality Stadium leading the Welsh Rugby Union team into sporting battle during the Six Nations to the sound of the Regimental March, 'Men of Harlech' played by the Regimental Band and Corps of Drums of The Royal Welsh.

Shenkin IV’s first public appearance is due at the National Armed Forces Day event in Llandudno on Saturday, June 30, where there will be various VIPs and thousands of visitors.