Meet the baby Bloodhounds! Bloodhound supersonic car inspires engineers of the future

Primary school children have been given the chance to design their own cars with the help of top experts from the Bloodhound SSC team.

The vehicle - which aims to exceed 1000mph - is being developed to break the World Land Speed Record.

Watch my report below:

To mark National Science Week, pupils at Ysgol y Ffin in Caldicot built miniature rocket-powered vehicles inspired by the project.

It's amazing to see the big grin on their faces and to know the impact you have on the children.

If you show this a car going 1000 miles an hour. How did it do it? What can do to make that car go faster? It's fascinating!

– Emma Ayres, Bloodhound Educational Project

The Bloodhound SSC team hope to make their world record attempt in summer 2018.