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Wales’ inspiring D/deaf and disabled women receive recognition

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Deaf and disabled women from across Wales are being recognised in the Senedd today for creating change and breaking down barriers.

Joyce Watson AM will welcome an audience of over 100 people to Cardiff Bay, who will hear about the outstanding achievements of Welsh female D/deaf and disabled role models.

  • The term D/deaf is used to describe those who are Deaf (sign language users) and deaf (who are hard of hearing but may lipread and/or use hearing aids and have English as their first language).

In August 2017 Disability Wales launched a call for nominations of D/deaf and disabled women and girls in Wales who are achieving great things in life and challenging stereotypes.

Anita Davies is one of the eight shortlisted candidates:

It means a lot to me to be nominated and shortlisted for the #IAmEmbolden awards, as the awards show what deaf and disabled women can do and are doing regardless of the challenges they face in life. It is a way of inspiring other women. It creates awareness, especially to people who have misconceptions or little understanding of what benefits a disabled person can bring to their community.

– Anita Davies, Nominee

Sam Smethers of the Fawcett Society says it's crucial to celebrate the diversity of all women.

In the centenary year of some women first getting to vote and stand for Parliament, it’s vital that we celebrate the diversity of all women. We are delighted to have supported the great work of the Embolden project to put forward a positive story about disabled women’s achievements.

– Sam Smethers, Fawcett Society

In the year running up to the centenary celebrations in March 2018 of women obtaining the vote, Disability Wales, with funding from Spirit of 2012 and the Fawcett Society, has been highlighting the achievements of Welsh D/deaf and disabled women and girls.

The stories and images will be used to create a campaign aimed at challenging myths and stereotypes about disability and showcase female role models.