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Family rally around to reorganise wedding party for couple after snow disappointment

Credit: Media Wales

Some couples dream of having a white winter wedding - but that wasn't quite the case for Geoff and Julie Bodman - who had organised a St David’s Day wedding with the ideas of daffodils and Spring sunshine.

Instead what they got was 50cm of snow and only 42 of their 200 guests able to turn up.

The wedding went ahead but it was not the event the couple from Tremorfa in Cardiff, had been planning.

Now kind-hearted friends and family are rallying round to organise another wedding party to make up for their disappointment.

We picked March 1 because it is a special day for us but as the day went on and the snow started falling we got a bit worried. We were getting married at the City Hall and when I got a call from them at lunchtime I thought it was to cancel. It wasn’t but they were asking if there was any way we could bring the wedding forward.

– Geoff Bodman
Credit: Media Wales

They managed to arrange it for 3pm, instead of 3.30pm, but a lot of the guests were unable to make it.

The music they had planned for the ceremony didn’t work because the wi-fi was down and the newlyweds had to have some pictures taken in the middle of a blizzard.

Then, when they got to the reception at the Angel Hotel, the DJ rang to say he wasn’t going to be able to make it.

We managed to get some music on my phone and play it through some tinny speakers but it wasn’t quite what we had planned,” said Geoff, 54.“It was a bit of a catastrophe but at least we were able to get married and the bridal party were all able to make it. Julie looked so beautiful in her wedding dress – it was a shame not everyone was able to see her. We are very, very grateful for those who did make it.

– Geoff Bodman
Credit: Media Wales

But now they are getting the chance to thanks to close friend Sue Franks. She has a catering company and has been able to arrange another reception for the couple free of charge at Portland House in Cardiff Bay next month.

The couple, who first met 30 years ago while working at Ely hospital, had lost touch with each other until just over two years ago when Geoff sent a friend request to Julie, 47, on Facebook. Both of them now work for Innovative Trust.

Sue said she was only too happy to help her childhood friend Geoff and his new wife.

I couldn’t make the first wedding but when I heard what happened I was devastated for them. Geoff is such a kind-hearted person who would do anything for anybody.

I have a venue down in Cardiff Bay and had a free date so it was the least I could do. Hopefully everyone will be able to make it.

– Sue Franks