Gwent Police officer sacked for stealing wallet

A police officer has been sacked for stealing £50 from a wallet that was dropped outside a pub.

PC Stephen Davies, 38, stole the money after the wallet was handed into his police station.

It had been dropped outside a pub by Thomas Dowden but was found the next day by a passing jogger

When the wallet was handed in police it had £50 in notes inside - but when Mr Dowden collected it later the money had vanished.

PC Davies was accused by colleagues at Monmouth Police Station of pocketing the cash and arrested.

He was cleared by a jury at Cardiff Crown Court - but sacked from the Gwent Police force after being found guilty by an internal disciplinary panel.

The panel said: "PC Stephen Davies was found guilty of breaching the standards of professional behaviour.

"The officer was dismissed without notice as a result of the panel's findings."

In a statement, they told Davies: "On the 11th June 2016 you lied to a PCSO by informing him you were unaware of whether there was cash in the wallet.

"You lied in order to conceal your theft of the money.

"You were aware that it was being alleged that money was missing from the wallet because you had spoken with colleagues about the matter.

"You attempted to cover up your theft by withdrawing £50 in cash from your bank account and pretending to find the money you had stolen on the floor of Monmouth police station.

"The breaches were found proven on the balance of probabilities rather than the criminal standard of proof which is beyond all reasonable doubt."

Davies, of Pontypool, Gwent, was sacked after the hearing earlier this month.