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'I go from one day of hell to another': Ambulance crew member tells ITV News about daily shift pressures

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An ambulance worker has told ITV News his job has become 'completely soul-destroying' after claims he and his colleagues regularly wait for hours to offload patients outside hospitals.

ITV News has been told there were 4,600 hours lost from ambulances waiting outside hospitals since just the beginning of March.

The Ambulance Service recently revealed it was working at 'extreme pressure' - the extent of which some staff say they have never experienced before.

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My longest wait since Christmas is seven and a half hours.

In a shift that's 11 hours long.

The oldest call I've responded to is 37 hours old.

I used to be very proud to wear this uniform. Now I dread putting it on.

– Ambulance worker

Last week, staff across various NHS departments told ITV News that if there were to be a significant incident that would cause a surge in demand, the system "could simply not cope".

Some health boards, their critical care units are already in 'surge demand' or 'surge capacity'.

If, on top of that, we had, say for example, a terrorist incident there is no way we would be able to meet that demand at short notice.

– Dr Jack Parry-Jones, Faculty of Intensive Care Medicine

The Welsh Government told ITV News the extreme pressure "could not have been anticipated" and acknowledged some patients have been waiting too long for care.

Following the interview, the Welsh Ambulance Service issued a statement directly to colleagues saying they acknowledge "it is really tough for you at the moment".

Richard Lee, Director of Operations, said it is "pushing back against the system" and urged staff to "keep at it" against a backdrop of increased demand, poor weather, and international rugby events.

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