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McEvoy says he will appeal after being expelled from Plaid Cymru for 18 months

Neil McEvoy will sit as an independent AM during his suspension. Credit: ITV Wales

Plaid Cymru have excluded Neil McEvoy from the party for 18 months following a disciplinary hearing last week.

Mr McEvoy was already expelled from the party's Assembly group due to what the party described as an 'irrevocable breakdown of trust' and last Thursday went before a disciplinary committee facing four complaints relating to his conduct. Three complaints were upheld.

Today the party released a statement saying that the South Wales Central AM would be expelled for 18 months, which they said reflected the gravity of the complaints against him.

Neil McEvoy was informed of the decision immediately after the Hearing Panel concluded its deliberations.

Four complaints were heard. Three complaints were upheld due to Neil McEvoy breaching a series of Party standing orders.

These included actions or statements damaging, or potentially damaging, the public reputation of the party, and breaches of confidentiality.

Relating to his actions during the 2017 Plaid Cymru Spring Conference, Neil McEvoy was found guilty of the following misconduct: conduct in Party meetings or against Party members during Party-organised events or in correspondence dealing with Party business which is intimidating, harassing or which causes distress or disillusionment among Party members and/or staff.

– Plaid Cymru spokesperson

Mr McEvoy, who leads Plaid Cymru's group on Cardiff Council and was elected as an AM in 2016, described the expulsion as "an unbelievable abuse of process."

Plaid members need to know that I have been expelled from the party for 18 months for being welcomed at a conference by members and for not allowing the Chair to change my conference speech. Freedom of speech and association are fundamental human rights which Plaid members fight to uphold...

Having to wait over a year since the complaints were first made is unacceptable. There has been no duty of care shown for me or my family. My human rights have been seriously breached. I wasn't even allowed legal representation.

The complaints were not made by ordinary members and Plaid's grassroots will be shocked to know what I have been expelled for.

– Neil McEvoy AM

Mr McEvoy says he will be appealing the decision and will hold a fringe meeting at this weekend's party conference in Llangollen.