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Poll shows growing opposition to second EU referendum

Opponents of a second EU referendum now have a 10% lead Credit: ITV News Cymru Wales

Support in Wales for another EU referendum is on the wane, according to the latest Welsh Barometer Opinion Poll. Back in November, exclusive polling for ITV Cymru Wales showed a very narrow -1%- lead for the idea but there's now a 10% majority for opponents of the idea.

The result suggests that Brexit now has an air of inevitability. Since the last poll, the UK and EU have reached the outline of an agreement on the terms of withdrawal. They hope to finalise in the next few weeks the details of the transition period that will follow and then move to negotiations on the future relationship.

There is also evidence that another referendum would not conclusively settle the arguments over Brexit. The poll found that Welsh voters are still as completely split as they were when the referendum was held. The difference between the narrow lead for leave back then and the even narrower lead for remain in this latest poll is well within the margin of error.

People remain almost evenly split over how they would vote if there was another referendum. Credit: ITV News Cymru Wales

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