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24,000 miles of local roads need to be repaired

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24,000 miles of local roads in England and Wales need to be repaired in the next 12 months but underfunding has caused a backlog, warns a report.

An ageing network, decades of underfunding, increased traffic as well as harsh weather conditions are all factors, says a report by the Annual Local Authority Road Maintenance.

It warns it could impact the economy with underfunding causing a backlog of road maintenance.

Local authority highway departments report it would take 14 years, with adequate resources and funding, to get roads back into a steady state.

average number of years it would take before a road is resurfaced in Wales.
estimated one time cost to get repair roads to a reasonable conditions.
number of years needed to clear the backlog across local authorities in Wales.
potholes filled in Wales.
average annual carriageway maintenance budget shortfall in Wales.

Despite the Department for Transport's funding for local road maintenance at the highest it's been over a decade, around £1.2 billion a year, and a further £1bn form council reserves and borrowing - the total spend still falls short of the amount needed to halt the decline.