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Around 140 cancer cases a week could be avoided in Wales, new research reveals

Over 7,000 cases of cancer in Wales per year, could be prevented with lifestyle changes, according to a new study by Cancer Research UK.

Credit: PA

This equates to around 140 cancer cases a week in Wales, which is 38% of all cancers diagnosed each year in Wales.

Figures show smoking remains the highest type of lifestyle cancer but also highlights that obesity can cause breast, bowel and kidney cancers, among others.

These research findings are startling in that, for the first time, we can see how many cases of cancer in Wales could be prevented by things like not smoking and keeping a healthy weight.

It's clear from this research that obesity is a major problem.

Obesity causes 13 types of cancer and carries with it stark consequences for society, our economy and the NHS.

– Andy Glyde, Cancer Research UK

The third biggest preventable cause of cancer in Wales is exposure to certain substances at work, for example asbestos.

Workplace exposures cause around 760 cases of cancer a year (4% of all cancer cases). Many of these cases are linked to historical exposure from work in construction and manufacturing.

A large proportion of cancers are linked to known and preventable risk factors such as smoking and obesity.

These are also risk factors for many other diseases, such as heart disease and stroke.

The new Public Health Wales 10-year strategy has identified tobacco and obesity as priority areas that we will focus on to prevent as many cancers as we can.

– Jyoti Atri, deputy director for Health and Wellbeing at Public Health Wales