Velindre's Hospital of Hope: Stories following patients living through cancer shown in new series

Velindre: Hospital of Hope is a portrait of Velindre Cancer Centre in Cardiff, capturing the human stories behind the cancer statistics and diagnostics.

Focusing on the patients and staff who make Velindre such a comforting place to be treated, the four-part series is produced for ITV Wales by Green Bay Media.

Narrated by ITV presenter Ruth Wignall, the series follows the uplifting and emotive stories of the patients as they undergo treatment to the pioneering work of the medical staff. Each 30-minute programme will capture the highs and lows inside this very special centre.

Llinos Griffin-Williams, executive producer, Green Bay Media said: “As cancer rates improve in Wales, we’re proud to be making a series that will capture the exceptional sense of courage and commitment from patients and staff alike.”

She added: “From pioneering medical research and treatment to the personal effect of cancer on patients and their families, we’ll see first-hand the impact of life changing decisions and how in the darkest of times patients are given hope for dignity and choice, even in end of life care."

A patient undergoing radiotherapy treatment at the centre in Cardiff.

Andrea Hague, director of cancer services at Velindre Cancer Centre, said, "Velindre is a very special place, full of dedicated staff. Every day we see the challenges our patients and their families face with such strength. We hope this series will give people a helpful insight into the day-to-day work of a busy cancer centre.”

The series will also feature the pioneering Oncology project by Cardiff University School of Medicine as young Medics closely follow cancer patients for a greater understanding of the impact of cancer on patients and their relatives.

The series is made in association with On Par Productions, in partnership with Velindre NHS Trust and Cardiff University Medical School for ITV Cymru Wales.

  • Episode 1 (Friday, 30th March, 8pm) - In episode one, we see first-hand the dedication of the army of staff at Velindre Cancer Centre as they care for their patients. From receptionists to radiographers, clinical psychologists to porters this array of individuals are determined to make the patients’ experience as positive as possible. This week David’s about to start his treatment following complex surgery to remove a tumour from his brain and Rosa finds talking difficult after having cancer removed from her cheekbone.

  • Episode 2 (Friday, 6th April, 8pm) - Episode two follows patients Carol and Michael as they undergo treatment and deal with the effects of their different cancers. They both form bonds with medical students who have been paired up with them as part of a pioneering oncology project. Over a period of five months the students will attend clinics, consultations and visit them at home to get a better understanding of what it’s like from the patients’ perspective.

  • Episode 3 (Friday, 13th April, 8pm) - We follow two patients at two different stages of their cancer journeys. Rebecca, a young mum who’s been having chemotherapy for two years for incurable abdominal cancer and Pauline who’s coming to terms with her diagnosis of anal cancer and the stigma surrounding it.

  • Episode 4 (Friday, 20th April, 8pm) - The final episode sees Kevin adapting to a new way of living after undergoing major surgery to remove his oesophagus. Allyson, who has terminal bowel cancer, is keeping her hopes high that she’ll make it to a very special Summer party, her thirtieth wedding anniversary.

  • Following the final episode, Ruth Wignall will be hosting a Facebook Live with specialists and staff from the cancer centre to discuss some of the issues from the series and to give advice to those patients and families living through a cancer diagnosis.