More than 15,000 people have signed a petition to stop the Second Severn Crossing being renamed as The Prince of Wales Bridge.

The Secretary of State for Wales made the announcement yesterday and said the new name would be a "fitting tribute to His Royal Highness."

The announcement comes in the year that the tolls to use the Severn Crossings will be abolished by the UK Government.

It also coincides with the Prince's 70th birthday and 60 years since he was "created" The Prince of Wales by the Queen.

The announcement came as Prince Charles arrived in Australia for the Commonwealth Games Credit: PA Images

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The petition, started by Jamie Matthews to the Secretary of State Alun Cairns called for the bridge to be named "after someone who has achieved something for our nation".

The petition has had more than 15,000 signatures since it was started yesterday with some arguing that they should have been consulted on the new name.


This name has been forced on us with no consultation.

Matthew Mathias

I'm signing because the Second Severn Bridge is being bought into public ownership and therefore the public should be consulted on any new name for the bridge. It is called democratic accountability.

Richard Essex

This bridge is the main access point to Wales. It should have a forward-looking, exciting and young name to reflect its country.

Rhiannon Evans

Criticisms of the announcement came from politicians including Plaid Cymru's leader Leanne Wood who tweeted whether the decision was a "late April Fool's joke."

Labour MP for Cardiff Central Jo Stevens said the Conservatives were "wasting time on a PR project" and should "start addressing the important issues facing people in Wales".

The bridge will be officially renamed during a ceremony later this year.

We look forward to marking the occasion at a special event later this year when the new Prince of Wales Bridge and its sister bridge will be seen as positive symbols of a newly invigorated economic and social partnership between south Wales and south west England, and the strength of the United Kingdom.

Alun Cairns MP, Secretary of State for Wales