Severe weather affecting farmers' livelihoods

Farmers in Wales have taken a hit this winter because of the difficult conditions fields have been left in due to the cold and wet weather.

Brian Bowen runs a farm near Tredegar and is part of the Farmers’ Union of Wales (FUW).

He told ITV News the weather has added to the shortage of animal feed here and has increased the cost.

“We’re going to be weeks behind now in terms of turnout which means if we’re weeks behind, we need a surplus of forage. We ourselves are getting a bit anxious now, we’ve got about two weeks of forage, but we probably need four weeks to be safe.

The wet weather has left fields saturated and it is affecting farmers who are unable to graze cattle and sheep.

Brian added: “It’s a bit unnerving. I’m certain we will find something, but again at what cost I don’t know. That does frighten me”.

In a statement, the Welsh Government said they worked with the agriculture industry to put in "stronger arrangements" to improve the monitoring of severe weather and its impact on the sector.