Surviving Skint: The stories behind the headlines on poverty

58% of people say they're just about managing or struggling to make ends meet Credit: ITV Cymru Wales

Official statistics show that poverty affects nearly one in four of us, but in reality, many more are just about coping.

A poll conducted for ITV Cymru Wales shows that 58% of people describe themselves as 'just about managing' or struggling to make ends meet.

Many of the charities met throughout this ITV Wales investigation, believe poverty is a growing problem.

ITV Wales has spent the last six months filming in the city of Swansea.

A household income of less than £296 a week is now classed as living in 'relative poverty'.

18-year-old Deanndra's mother died last November and lives off £57 a week while she studies as a student.

She currently sleeps on a sofa in her uncle's house.

A charity called Oranges and Lemons provides furniture for people who can't afford to furnish their homes.

Their warehouse in Swansea is full of donations, which are then distributed to those who need it most.

They say demand is growing.

Oranges and Lemons provides furniture to those in need Credit: ITV Cymru Wales

Elsewhere in Swansea, there is a cafe called Matt's Cafe that use volunteers to help feed rough sleepers and those who are struggling to cope financially.

It uses food that is destined for landfill and the rule is 'pay as you feel' - so no matter how much money you have, no-one goes without a meal.