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Brothers jailed for attack on seaside 'pop' salesman

Brothers Chad and Brad Daniels. Credit: North Wales Police

Two brothers have been jailed after a seaside town’s “pop man” was hit with a metal cosh and knifed in the stomach.

Chad Daniels, aged 20, of Balmoral Grove, Rhyl, and Brad Daniels, 18, of East Parade, Rhyl, were found guilty of wounding with intent on salesman William Clarkson last summer.

The jury heard how Mr Clarkson was hit over the head and then stabbed to the stomach as he came to the end of his rounds late one night.

He said that he was about to see his last customer before going home when the incident happened.

Mr Clarkson said he pulled up in Rhydwen Drive, Rhyl, and was about to knock on a regular customer’s door when a man approached and asked if he could buy some sweets from his van.

As he was serving the man at the back of the vehicle, he said that he heard the front door of the van close and when he popped his head around saw two men walking away.

Fearing that they had taken something from the vehicle, he called out to them.

But they turned, approached him, and one struck him to the head with an extendable baton, cutting his head open, he told the jury at Caernarfon Crown Court.

A second man then approached and Mr Clarkson said that he believed that he had been punched in the stomach. But it turned out that he had been stabbed.

The prosecution said the brothers had gone “on a spree of serious violence.”

In their defence the jury was told they had difficult childhoods.

Chad Daniels was sentenced to 12 years and his Brad to four-and-a-half years.