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Unexploded World War Two bomb blown up in Bridgend after being kept in family for 70 years

The bomb was detonated by the army bomb disposal unit.

An unexploded bomb from the Second World War has been blown up by the army in Bridgend.

The discovery of the bomb sparked a major police and army operation.

The device had been passed around the family and moved around different houses.

Gerwyn Miles had picked up what he thought was a memento of the war while serving in Japan and Asia.

It had been passed around the family, moved around different houses and was even taken to school for a show and tell.

But when Gerwyn's daughter Lynis Jones and her husband Lyn, from Bridgend , were having a clear-out it was discovered to be a live World War Two bomb that had not exploded.

An army bomb disposal unit was called from Hereford and the bomb was detonated on an area of common land.

South Wales Police confirmed they were called to an address in Westfield Avenue at 8pm on Monday.

The device was taken to nearby Heol y Cyw Common Tuesday morning and blown up.

It was a huge shock when we realised that this device that had been in the family for years was actually a live bomb.

We phoned the non-emergency police line and I think at first they thought it was a wind-up.

The unit arrived around 11pm and I was really worried about the neighbours because it was very noisy at that time of night.

They took it out to the van and X-rayed it which confirmed that it was live.

They said if it had not been moved around as much as it had they would have evacuated the whole street but because we had handled it so much the decision was made not to.

If it had been lying in an attic for years and years, they definitely would have evacuated everyone in the area.

– Lynis Jones

South Wales Police received a report of what appeared to be an old explosive device from World War Two which had been found at a house in Bridgend.

An ordnance disposal team inspected the device and plans were put in place to dispose of it safely.

– South Wales Police
Gerwyn Miles had brought the unexploded bomb back from Japan 70 years ago.

Lynis’ daughter Jessica said that her grandfather, who died 12 years ago, would have loved the story.

I remember bringing it into school with grampa to show off to all my friends when I was seven.

I uploaded the story on social media and have had a lot of friends telling me they remember getting to hold it and stuff when they were with me.

My grandad must be laughing so hard at all of this.

– Jessica Jones