Netflix show launches written by 15-year-old schoolgirl from Newport

Credit: Beth Reekles

A story written by a 15-year-old from Newport is now on Netflix.

Beth Reekles' young adult novel The Kissing Booth was picked up by the online streaming service and the film adaptation was released this morning.

Beth started writing a teen fiction novel at the age of 15. She began writing anonymously on an online literary forum called Wattpad, where her work accumulated more than 19 million 'reads' in two years.

The Netflix adaptation stars Molly Ringwald, who starred in Pretty In Pink and The Breakfast Club in the 1980s.

Netflix describes the film as quirky, offbeat and romantic.

Beth, who's now 22, said meeting Ringwald was 'completely surreal'.

I wasn't hugely involved in the production process, but I did get to go out to set for a week last year while filming was going on, which was completely surreal. It was magical to see my book and my characters coming to life.

Beth Reekles

The Kissing Booth was published in 2012 by Random House and has since been translated into numerous languages, before being picked up by Netflix.

I used to get a lot of comments from readers online when I first shared the story on Wattpad, saying that the book would be great as a movie - but I never thought it would happen! I loved every second of being on set, meeting the cast, and seeing scenes play out. The entire week was a dream.

Beth Reekles

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