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Theresa May pledges to help poorest parts of Wales

Theresa May was addressing the Welsh Conservative conference at Ffos Las racecourse

Prime Minister Theresa May has used her speech to the Welsh Conservative conference to promise a more prosperous future after Brexit. Speaking at Ffos Las racecourse in Carmarthenshire, she blamed what she called "ineffective" aid from the European Union for the fact that the UK had greater inequality between its regions than anywhere else in the EU.

The biggest gap in regional GDP within any EU member state is not to be found in southern Europe or in the countries of the old Soviet bloc.

It is within our United Kingdom – in the gap between central London and right here in West Wales.

I am determined that ours should be the generation that shrinks that gap, by helping every community in our country to enjoy economic opportunity through our modern Industrial Strategy.

And when we leave the EU, and take back control of our money, we can replace the ineffective EU structural funds with better targeted support for local areas.

So to reduce inequalities between communities across the four nations of our United Kingdom, we will launch a new UK Shared Prosperity Fund, tailored to the needs of communities.

– Prime Minister Theresa May MP

The Prime Minister said her government would continue to work closely with the Welsh Government on the development of industrial strategy. There's been concern in Cardiff Bay that London will control how the money is spent.