This week Coast & Country explores Wales' hidden gems

This week Coast & Country is exploring Wales' hidden gems.

We've met the Bluetits and Bluebelles, a group who gather across Pembrokeshire to swim in cold nothing but their cozzies.

They love a challenge and for them it's the colder the better!

The group says it helps people overcome body confidence issues and having fun in the water has become healing for some.

Ruth has been to Dewstow Gardens exploring the hidden grottos and labyrinths beneath the garden of John and Lisa Harris from Monmouthshire after they bought their family home.

They spent years excavating the site and turning it into the hidden gem it is today.

Rob has been travelling the galaxies ... well almost.

He's been to Parys Mountain on Anglesey the site of a former copper mine where the landscape looks similar to life on Mars.

And finally Andrew has been hiking Wales' biggest sand dune at Merthyr Mawr near Bridgend.

Nicknamed the Welsh Sahara they are the second highest in Europe are home to many plants, insects and birds.