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England World Cup merchandise at Caernarfon supermarket sparks complaints

The items appeared in Asda's Caernarfon store over the weekend

A supermarket has been criticised after taking England football merchandise off the shelves following complaints from customers.

The Caernarfon Asda store had a stand selling £1 items including hats, flags and water bottles branded with the St George’s Cross ahead of next month’s World Cup – but took it all down following a backlash from shoppers.

The supermarket giant claimed the goods were removed because they had been sent to the store by mistake.

Councillor Craig ab Iago, Gwynedd Council’s cabinet member for housing, leisure and culture, called for customers to boycott the shop, claiming the gaffe showed Asda to be “ignorant”.

But others said it was “ridiculous” that anyone was offended by the display.

Sally Peacock said: “Sorry, I’m an England supporter and have lived in Wales for 62 years and I believe I have the right to support and buy merchandise of any team."

Paul Bowker added: “I’m offended that people are offended...think there are slightly more important things going on in the world than this...”

Nicky Evans posted: “There are plenty of us English people living in Wales, why not sell English items? Does that mean that all English supermarkets shouldn’t sell Welsh lamb and daffodils?”

Some even said they would boycott the supermarket for removing the England merchandise.

Paul Watts said: “I am offended that Asda in Gwynedd has removed the England merchandise out off the store. I won’t be shopping there any more.”

But some did support the England football items being taken off sale. Gwyn Williams said: “This is Wales, not England, two different and distinct countries."