Pub's plea for safe return of 'kidnapped' Harry and Meghan

A landlady has called time on a gang of four who “kidnapped” Harry and Meghan from outside her pub.

Sally Anne Morris, 43, licensee of The Parrot Inn in Drury in Flintshire, said four people drove up to the pub just before midnight on Saturday and took a life-size cut-out of the happy couple.

The landlady said she’s offering an amnesty for their safe return before she shows CCTV footage - and offered a pint to anyone who gets them back.

On a sign outside the pub, she accused the royal-robbing gang of “treason”.It said: “Kidnap of Meghan and Harry. Wanted for treason. Four people, we have you on camera xx.”

The Parrot Inn in Drury in Flintshire.

Ms Morris, who has run the pub for two years, said: “You can see them getting away with it - there’s even a getaway driver.

“We were having a bit of a celebration and then these four people kidnap Harry and Meghan.

“There’s an amnesty for the safe return of Harry and Meghan as long as they have not been defaced.”