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TV presenter tackles runaway racehorse at Chepstow

TV presenter Hayley Moore catches the runaway racehorse by standing in its path. Credit: At The Races

It wasn't a typical day at the office for 'At The Races' presenter Hayley Moore in Chepstow yesterday.

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After others dived out of the way of a loose racehorse, the presenter instead tried to catch the runaway racehorse by standing in its path.

The move saw the former amateur jockey, Hayley, being knocked over by the horse, but she managed to hold onto the reins and was not injured.

Hayley was back on her feet seconds later and continued her presenting duties.

I just couldn't bear to see it go out on another lap so I thought we'd go for it!

– Hayley Moore

Hayley is the daughter of racehorse trainer Gary Moore.