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Star Wars superfan wins UK-wide competition after making special film documenting his baby's life

Credit: Simon Tilley

A Star Wars superfan from Caerphilly has won a UK-wide competition after creating a special film documenting his baby son's life.

Simon Tilley made the film showing his son Harry dressed up in outfits from the films. The competition was run by Santander and the charity Barnardo's.

Credit: Simon Tilley

Simon, 30, a teacher at Nanty y Parc Primary School, Senghenydd, has won an assortment of Star Wars goodies and a trip to the island of Skellig, Ireland, used as a Star Wars film location.

Credit: Simon Tilley

I don’t normally enter competitions and couldn’t believe I had won. I made the video for Harry’s first birthday and now he’s coming up to three.

He used to fall asleep in my arms while I was humming the Star Wars theme music, he’s always loved playing with lightsabers and ‘Vader’ was one of the first words he said. We went to Disney at Christmas and he was scared of Santa but he loved Darth Vader!

I am so excited about the trip to Skellig, I can’t wait. Becky’s not as fanatical as me but we are going to have a tour of the island dressed as Star Wars characters and will be filming it for YouTube.

– Simon Tilley
Credit: Simon Tilley